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Feb 11, 2022

In this episode, Jared sits with VIQ Solutions Executive Vice President of Product and Strategy Elizabeth Vanneste, and NetDocuments co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Alvin Tedjamulia to discuss document management. Lawyers spend so much time creating, maintaining, and managing documents. Document management increases productivity and efficiency within the law firm.

Their conversation revolves around sub-topics: the process of managing workflows through software, the history and the future of document management, and a lot more! Tune in to streamline your firm’s document workflows and scale in no time.


  • Starting off with Ground Hog Day - 2:00
  • Stuck in the time loop with document management - 2:37
  • Managing workflows through software - 4:05
  • Evolution of document management over the past 3 decades - 6:11
  • Pressing on heightened data security: protection of users - 11:07
  • Attorneys are not technologists - 13:10
  • Incorporating more document management technology on courts and law firms - 14:00
  • Artificial Intelligence in simplifying evidence management - 19:10
  • Future of document management - 21:02


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